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Vietnam has 91 million inhabitants, of which over half is dependent on agriculture. Although strong economic growth did bring this percentage down in recent years, it has not been able to prevent that 15% of the population still lives below the poverty line. The Vietnamese government does stimulate entrepreneurship and provide loans, but unfortunately this help is not available to all demographics. Moreover, due to economic fluctuations and climatic conditions, the rural areas remain vulnerable. Our projects in Vietnam are therefore not only aimed at providing loans, but also at initiating sustainable change through training and education.

Anh Chi Em

Anh Chi Em (ACE) is part of Entrepreneurs du Monde (EDM), a French NGO founded in 1998. EDM runs several microcredit projects in countries worldwide, including Vietnam. Since Anh Chi Em’s foundation in 2007, an enthusiastic team of 30 people has been active in two districts in the province of Dien Bien in the north of Vietnam.


ACE’s target group clearly overlaps with our own, being ethnic minorities, small-scale farmers and groups in the poorest regions of Vietnam with limited access to financial services. Anh Chi Em’ aim is twofold. On one hand, they want to provide loans to these target groups. On the other, they are working to diversify and increase agricultural production and strengthening their target group’s position by providing trainings. This training program covers such topics as agriculture, resilience and leadership.

Center for Women and Community Development

The Center for Women and Community Development is a non-profit organization working on stability and development of women, disabled and less fortunated in society. CWCD started their first project in 2004 and is based in Hanoi. At the end of 2016 CWCD had 1,700 members and has granted about 15,000 loans to poor women.


CWCDs goal is to improve quality of life of women, children and other vulnerables. The vision of CWCD is: 'Everyone can live a life with dignity, equality, and development.'

The Dariu Foundation

The Dariu Foundation (TDF) is a Swiss NGO that has been active in Vietnam since its foundation in 2002. Together with the Women’s Union, TDF tries to reach the poorest households in the Mekong Delta’s Trà Ôn District. By providing loans as well as making education accessible and stimulating it, they are making big steps in the development of whole communities.


TDF provides loans to groups of women. By giving them joint responsibility for the loans, the women’s position within the community is strengthened. Furthermore, the repayment ratios of these loans are higher than those of individual people.

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