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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility, sustainable responsible business or corporate conscience is a form of doing business aimed at achieving economic success (profit) while respecting the social side (people) within ecological boundaries (planet): the Triple P approach.

The Triple P approach

Companies that want to adopt the Triple P approach successfully need to keep a couple of things in mind.


1. Taking on corporate social responsibility consistently

If your organization really wants to make a difference, this should not just be out of idealism or your own peace of mind. Don’t go for one-off initiatives. It might be good marketing or boost your image temporarily, but this kind of CSR policy is only short-lived.


2. Focus on related activities

Look for a CSR activity closely related to your company’s activities, thereby linking your company and its contribution to society.


3. Quantifying CSR
There is only one way to get CSR accepted properly: by defining concrete performance indicators and make your own executives and management accountable.

Female Leadership Journey

Companies can not only adopt the Female Leadership Journey as a development track for their employee(s) but also as part of their CSR policy. Company gifts to a Public Benefit Organization such as Microcredit for Mothers are often tax deductible. The Dutch Tax Authority website includes the conditions for and extensive information on making donations that are fiscally advantageous.

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