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Microcredit for Mothers Foundation


Microcredit for Mothers helps women in Asia to set up their own business through small loans, the opportunity to save and professional, entrepreneurial and leadership trainings. The women thus get a chance to enlarge their economic autonomy and independence and improve the quality of their lives as well as that of their families.


Consisting of the board and volunteers, Microcredit for Mothers organizational structure is fairly uncomplicated. The executive board currently consists of four people. The group of volunteers grows every month. None of the board members or volunteers receive any compensation or expense allowance for their efforts. We work with local partners in Asia.

Vision and approach

In emerging markets, women are still the driving force behind the economy, due to the new micro businesses they start. We strongly believe in this female entrepreneurship and leadership at the poorest level. We help the very poorest of mothers in Asia who have no other access to the financial resources and institutions needed to do business. Stimulating economic activity among these women on a micro level leads to sustainable development for themselves and their families. Continue reading.


Microcredit for Mothers Foundation has been classified as a “Public Benefit Organisation" (Dutch: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling or ANBI) by the Dutch tax authorities. Microcredit for Mothers consciously did not obtain the CBF seal of approval for the simple reason that this mark costs money. We would rather use all the donated money for small loans provided to women in Asia. However, to provide a similar form of guarantee and reliability, all information regarding the foundation’s activities, revenues and expenses are included in our annual reports, which have been made accessible to the public every year.

Media & press

As Microcredit for Mothers welcomes all media attention, we set up an online press room (a Dutch page), where images and press releases can be downloaded.

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