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The Lao People's Democratic Republic is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia; it is extremely mountainous and about six times the size of the Netherlands. Laos has about 6.8 million inhabitants (2009). According to the UN, 33% of the population lives below the poverty line, causing Laos to be listed as one of the least developed countries.


The majority of the population (68%) lives outside the cities and is active in the agricultural sector; unfortunately, only 4% of the land is suitable to be cultivated. The Lao people are therefore very dependent on the natural resources the country has to offer. Laos mostly relies on foreign aid and investments from China, Thailand and Vietnam.


Due to the Indochina Wars and the communist government policy, Laos was only opened to foreign influences in the ‘90s. Laos is a traditional country with beautiful landscape. Buddhism can be found everywhere in its culture and streets.

Agro-Forestry Development Consultant

We are working with the Agro-Forestry Development Consultant (AFC) - our partner who set up this initiative then with SNV and BTA. Meanwhile SNV is no longer involved and Microcredit for Mothers and AFC are working together to grant micrcredits in this region. AFC is an organization specialized in capacity building and they manage the fund. Wherever possible AFC offers marketing training and they will investigate possibilities for new markets and improvement of product quality.

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